Patient Care Incentive Programs (PCIP)

In 2011, Fort Norfolk Medical has introduced Patient Care Incentive Programs (PCIP). PCIP consists of targeted health programs and benefits that are designed to elevate the care of those being serviced by Fort Norfolk Medical. Fort Norfolk Medical has set the example and is providing the care that meets and exceeds the needs of today’s growing patient population. The primary focus is on innovative health education, prevention, and consistent follow up. Fort Norfolk Medical has redefined the local health market within Hampton Roads and beyond.

Now you can take charge of advancing your healthcare quality by utilizing these programs at no additional service charge.


E-Mail Health Messenger

Individuals can now receive inside news on current developments, procedures, health tips, and more via the Fort Norfolk Medical E-Mail Health Messenger. Stay connected to the professionals on a consistent basis by receiving the information that matters to you, your family, and your community.

Pharmacy Rewards Card

Patients and the general public can enjoy the executive treatment by obtaining their very own Pharmacy Rewards Card. With pharmacy rewards an individual can have their medications delivered to their home or office (stipulations may apply). New developments coming in 2012 include card members being able to take advantage of valued discounts off their everyday prescriptions.

Exam Quick Results

Say goodbye to extended wait times on obtaining your test results. Now with Exam Quick Results you can receive your test results in a timely manner via a HIPAA compliant e-mail notification.

Online Health Information Center

Find answers to your everyday health questions at the Fort Norfolk Medical Online Health Information Center. The doctors have made it easy to find what you’re looking for unlike other healthcare outlets by accessing an online health center.

Go Public Health

The power behind all great communities has been maintaining good health. Fort Norfolk Medical has made a commitment to improving the public’s health through the power of education. These education initiatives include in office and on location health forums, trainings, and seminars from donated time by highly trained medical professionals. From a state of the art medical facility to your community Fort Norfolk Medical is dedicated to your overall wellness plan.

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