Fort Norfolk Medical Primary Care

We are committed to providing high-quality medical care to you and your entire family. At Fort Norfolk Medical you and your family may see one doctor who provides all your care. Over 85 percent of family’s health care needs can be taken care of by your family doctor, the doctor who specializes in you.

Family physicians take a whole-life approach to caring for you and your family. We look at how factors in your life affect your health and well-being and care for people of all ages including newborns, children, adolescents and seniors.

Department Location:

Hours of Operation:
301 Riverview Avenue, Suite 504
Norfolk, VA 23510-1065
P: 757-227-6866 | F: 757-743-1974
Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Key Benefits:
One doctor provides all your families needs
State-of-the-art equipment and set-up
On-site Pharmacy Services
Convenient Hours